Bangle and Ring Machineries

Hand Powered Strip Cutter Machine

Our Strip Cutter  machines are suitable to small jewellery shops and help them to cut strips accurately for making tubes from metal or a gold sheet. These strips can easily be cut in different sizes as per dies. The blades of these machines are made of alloy steel which help to enhance durability of the machine.


Electric Strip Cutter Machine

Our Electric Strip Cutter  Machine is suitable to any manufacturer and help them to cut strips speedily & accurately for making tubes from metal or a gold sheet. These strips can easily be cut in different sizes as per dies. The blades of these machines are made of alloy steel which help to enhance durability of the machine.

Tube Forming Dies

Trust New-Form Tools for custom die sets for a wide range of operations including tube cutting, forming, and trimming. From initial concept to final product, New-Form’s technicians will work with you to ensure quality results, consistent tolerances, and a less labour intensive process for your specific application. For more information regarding Tube Cutting, Forming, and Trim Dies, contact a New-Form Tools representative today.


Electric Tube Forming Machine Premium Model

Our Tube Forming Machines are ideal for small jewellery shops as these help in producing tubes from gold sheet or metal. Moreover, these tubes easily produce variegated shapes as the dies and rollers in the machine can be replaced. The optional accessories available with our tube cutting machines can be adjusted at opposed shear units. These are aorming Machinevailable with both D/C and A/C motors.


Tube Forming Spindles

This is use in tube forming machine this are of various shape and size.For bangle,ring,ear ring,other also.


Electric Tube Forming Machine Premium Model (AC Drive)

Graphite replacement crucibles with collar .Reversible ingot mold. Ring rounding machine   


Tube/Hollow Pipe Cutter Machine

Tube Cutter machine is suitable to any manufacturer for efficient cutting of Tubes/Hollow Pipes. These cutting pieces are ultimately use as raw bangles to produce shaped bangles. The blades of this machine are made of alloy steel which enhances the durability of machine.  


Hydraulic Biscuit Cutter cum Bangle Design Die Press

This is Hydraulic Biscuit Cutter cum Bangle Design Die Press. It is a 2 in1 machine which can be used for both Buscuit cutting and Pressing work on Bangle Design Dies. You can attach the cutting blade easily whenever you want to do cutting work and can detach the blade when want to do Pressing work.

Bangle & Ring Grooving Collets

Bangle & Ring Grooving Collets Bangle grooving collets are useful for shaping bangles into round shape. These collets are available with different designs.


Bangle Turning Machine

This machine is most compact and all types of inner & outer side, concave and convex turning, chamfering, polishing works with mirror finish on bangle and ring is possible to achieve with diamond tool at negligible wastage. Outer turning of bangle and ring is possible with the collet of faceting and milling machine. True chuk fixture for lather type


Ring Enlarger & Reducer (Two in One)

This is a very affordable Ring Stretcher Unit useful for both reducing and enlarging rings up to size 1 to 36. It has 6 splines for enlarging rings. The reversible base plate has 16 countersunk dies which will allows for reducing without making scratches.


Ring Enlarger & Reducer with Bender (Three in One)

This unit combines 3 important functions into 1. It can be utilized for  ring enlarging, reducing and bending. This 3 in 1 machine features 6 spline mandrel and 16 countersunk dies. It bends blanks of various shapes like Flat, Oval and Half-round up to 4 MM thickness.


Table Top Compact Ring Stretcher

Ring Stretchers are one of the most widely appreciated products in the market. This product is available in different specifications, sizes and dimensions. Our stretchers can adjust any kind of ring size based on the design and size. These are manufactured in a way that any sized ring can fit in. These products are available at reasonable rates.


Ring Stretcher

We provide our clients with a topmost range of Ring Expanding Machines. These machines are used for expansion purposes and other industrial applications. The expanding machines are extremely sturdy and durable. We make these available with different types of collets.


Bangle Expanding Machine

We have for our clients a superlative range of Bangle Expanding Machine that is available in a different variety of sizes and dimensions. These machines are incredibly useful for designing bangles and other sorts of jewellery. The machines are extremely user-friendly and are easy to maintain. Our machines are available in 24 & 26 strips for standard type and 8 strips for Italy type. 

Bangle & Ring Grooving Machine

This machine is to profile bangle and ring in any shape accurately. It has additional facility to operate manually. Precision depth setting device to control gauge, profile and diameter of bangles and rings. Technical data:-- Operating system ----- manual / Motorized Maximum profile thickness ------ 20 gauge Maximum width of bangles ------- ¾ “ 20 mm Bangle profiling diameter ---------- 1.1/2 “ to 3 “ (38 mm to 76 mm) Maximum width of ring --------- 3/8 “ (10 mm) Ring profiling diameter --------- ½ “ to 1.15 / 32 “ (13 mm to 37 mm) Roller speed -------------- 40 rpm Shaft motor single phase --------------- 0.25 hp (0.18 kw) Net / Gross Weight (kgs) ------- 53 / 95 Dimensions (cm) -------- 51 X 56 X 60

Bangle &Ring GroovingMachine with Cover (Premium Model)

This is Bangle Grooving Machine which comes with six different gears for extremely easy operations. It also has an operating wheel with arrangement to fit a V belt for motorized operation.Extra Grooving dies are available in Half Round, V Shape, etc from 1 MM to 25 MM width.

Bangle Rounding Machine

This is an ideal machine for round shaping and preparing bangles of various size easily and quickly. It is equipped with one big and small size spring and loaded rounding plate with 17 Pieces of various size Rounding Dies from 1½" to 2½".


Bangle Bending Machine

This is a portable Metal Strip Bending Machine with 2 grooved rolls and plain roll. Ring and Bangle attachments are optional.

Ring Rounding Machine

This is an ideal machine for giving perfect round shapes to prepare various sizes of Ring easily and quickly. It is supplied with one big and small size spring loaded rounding plate with 12 Pieces of various size Rounding Dies from 12 MM to 20¾ MM.


Bangle Flatter Machine

The main Bangle Flattening Machine utilities are is to transform the shapeless bangles into proper shape


Bangle Dull Machine
We are involved in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide range of Bangle Dull Machines. Compact sized these machines are ergonomically designed and developed as  per international industrial standards. 

Bangle Sizing Machine

This is new type of sizing machine is very compact and useful to Gold smith and imitation jewellery manufacture. A special feature of this machine is you can level bangle or ring with first stroke. You are getting perfect bangle or ring sized with the second stroke and with the third reverse stroke the bangle is removed automatically with bangle retrieving ring. Technical data: -- Operating system ----- manual Minimum / maximum bangle diameter -------- 1.1/2 to 3 “(38 mm to 76 mm) Minimum / maximum ring diameter -------- 1/2 to 1.15 / 32“(13 mm to 37 mm) Net / Gross Weight (kgs) ------- 47 / 98 Dimensions (cm) -------- 44 x 50 x 72.