Hammers and Mallets

Chasing Hammers

The smooth face of this hammer will flare out wire when hammered on a hard smooth surface such as a bench block or anvil. The pein side can be used to make a 'hammered" effect or to flare eyelets or round out metals.


Riveting Hammers
The head of this Riveting hammer features a flat end for general purpose striking and a chisel-shaped end for spreading rivet heads.

Watchmaker's Hammers
General purpose Swiss-style watchmakers rivet hammer features flat end and chisel end for forming and riveting. Polished metal head is attached to hardwood handle. 


Plastic Mallet
Made from tough plastic material. Non - chipping, non - splitting, wear resistance, water and oil proof, Non - sparking are the characteristics of this versatile tool. Recommended for use in place of rawhide mallet where damp conditions exists.


Standardized Ring Mandrels

we are using a standardised ring manderals for jewel equipment


Standardized Ring Mandrels

we are using a standardised ring manderals for jewel equipment


Big Ring Mandrel

Easily measure a customer's existing ring to help them find the correct ring size with this plastic ring mandrel.


Unmarked Ring Mandrels

The hardened steel allows hammering, bending, shaping and resizing of ring shanks

- Good for gauging and holding rings while stone setting

- Made of hardened tool steel, professional quality

Aluminium Ring Sticks

This Aluminium Ring Stick are very handy tool for making measurements of various finger sizes. Our Aluminium Ring Sticks are available in various sizes and specifications. These Aluminium Ring Sticks can be availed at most reasonable price.


Plastic Hollow Ring Sticks

A hollow plastic stick (with red plastic tip) designed for Butterfingers Toy Spinning Plates.  Also suitable for all other spinning plates except Aluminium which are too heavy.  47cm. 


Economy Bangle & Bracelet Mandrel

we are using a economy bangle and bracelet manderal for jewel equipments


Chromed Bangle & Bracelet Mandrel
Mandrels - Chromed Bangle & Bracelet Mandrel


Hexagonal Shape Bangle & Bracelet Mandrel
we are using a hexagonal shape bangle and bracelet manderal for jewel equipments.


Stripped Bangle & Bracelet Mandrel
striped bangle and bracelet manderals


Wooden Bangle & Bracelet Mandrel

A bracelet mandrel makes shaping and stretching bracelets a breeze. Most of my wire bracelets are formed by hand first then the final shaping is done on a bracelet mandrel with the help of a rawhide hammer.

Necklace Mandrel

Necklace mandrel - highly polished, hard-chromed cast iron. Perfect for forging, forming, shaping and sizing neckwear.

Plating Equipments & Supplies

we are using a plating equipments

Three in One Rhodium Plating Plant

We bring forth a broad product line of Rhodium Machine for plating of gold, silver, copper, rhodium and nickel. Apart from analog, these products comprise digital volt meters and ammeters. These components are available in beaker capacities ranging from 1 to 5 lts. Additionally, these machines are also equipped with rectifier and plating bath, which enhance the performance. Our products are acclaimed for their following specifications:

  •   Water is heated for homogeneous mixture
  •   Inbuilt digital timer
  •   Filtered electrical output to prevent ripples - for effective plating.
  •   Digital & analog volt meter / ammeters
  •   Inbuilt pen & bath plating
  •   Available in 1,2,3,5 litre beaker capacity
  •   Available inbuilt / separate rectifier & plating bath