Stone Setting

Bezel Roller

This improved bezel roller is an upgraded version to assure a better job - faster and easier. With a wider blade (3mm) and re-designed handle, our Bezel Perfect is more ergonomic. 


Bezel Pusher

Square ended prong pusher for setting and unsetting prongs and claws allowing removal of stones.

A pusher with a grooved end and and a wooden handle. Made from a soft metal to help prevent damage

Prong Pusher

A quality tool having a comfortable wood shaped handle with a groove steel end. Use to push prong or crown point with unfailing accuracy.


Agate Burnishers

we are using a agate burnishers for jewellery equipment manufacturers.


Ring Setter's Clamp

RING SETTERS CLAMP Smooth hardwood handle for comfortable hand-held operation. Includes nine plastic sleeve inserts, marked clearly in U.S. sizes from 2" to 13". Also in mm sizes from 13 mm to 22 mm