Vibrator Polisher Machine

The Jewellery Vibrator Polishing Machine from the house of Amol Dies Maker is a product of good quality and accurate output that stays consistent over a long time. Our machine comes composed from imported components that ensure a durable performance on the long run.


Acrylic Bowl for Magnetic Polisher

We are manufacturer Magnetic Polisher which is used for jewellery polishing. We are offering the Magnetic Polisher with best range and at reasonable price from others. We are also undertaking the Magnetic Polisher as per the needs and requirements of patrons.

Drier Machine

We are involved in providing clients with an exquisite range of Drier Machines, which is available in a variety of capacities of 1kg, 3kg, 5kg and 8kg. These machines completely adhere to the different standards of the industry. Our machines are used for numerous industrial applications and can be acquired at market leading prices.


Vibrator Polisher Machine

This is a study fabricated body vibrator polisher with full stainless steel body specially designed for gold jewellery polishing using stainless steel media such as balls, cross pins, pointed pins, etc mixed with water and jewellery cleaning compound. It’s equipped with a study single phase AC electric motor. The vibrator polisher is available from 1/2kg upto 8 kg jewellery cleaning capacity and supplied completely with suitable cleaning solution, shampoo and suitable S.S. media of mix type.


Vibratory Tumbler

This Vibratory Tumbler is very handy, of Polishing and Rust Cutting applications. It brings Mirror Shining on precious metal objects. It is designed exclusively for cleaning & polishing large quantities. It has easily removalbe lid which let you check the progress of operation. It has No-Slip Rubber Feet to ensure firm standing of Tumbler when in use.


Magnetic Polisher

This Magnetic Polisher Machine is designed with a Magnetic Disk which is made up of many powerful magnets that are precisely placed in a cast disk. It provides Reverse and Forward operation throughout the entire bowl. We provide specially designed bowl for more efficient work. The media used in this machine are Stainless Steel Pins as small as 0.3 MM in Diameter and 7 MM in length. Theses SS Pins works very well in areas such as undercuts, recesses, slots, etc. The average finishing time on Gold and other precious metals is about 30 to 45 Mins.

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Magnetic Polisher Â½ Kg. Jewellery Capacity - SS Body 


Magnetic Polisher 1 Kg. Jewellery Capacity - SS Body 


Magnetic Polisher 2 Kg. Jewellery Capacity - SS Body 


Magnetic Polisher Â½ Kg. Jewellery Capacity - MS Body 


Magnetic Polisher 1 Kg. Jewellery Capacity - MS Body 


Magnetic Polisher 2 Kg. Jewellery Capacity - MS Body 


Finisher Drum Machine with Three Drum

We are offering our customers a wide range of Drum Machines, which is manufactured from high quality raw material and cutting-edge technology. These drum machines are extensively used in various industries and are available in a variety of designs and specifications.


Stainless Steel Shots

Simple, reliable stainless steel media needs no storage maintenance and requires only occasional cleaning. Use stronger compounds safely with this corrosion-resistant shot. The heavier weight of stainless steel burnishes uniformly on any metal surface.


Stainless Steel Cross Pins

A spring pin (also called tension pin or roll pin) is a mechanical fastener that secures the position of two or more parts of a machine relative to each other.


Stainless Steel Ball Cone

Ballcones or Satellites (variously called saturn, sputnik, planet, UFO) are mixed with round steel ball and other steel burnishing media (diagonal, pin, eclipse) to achieve overall cleaning, consistent metal polishing and excellent mirror finish all over the component profile.


Stainless Steel Half Cone

These stainless steel shots are used to burnish metal to a mirror bright finish. Uniform in size and shape, non-abrasive and tempered to ensure long life. Rust and corrosion resistant makes this stainless steel shots ideal for use in wet.


Walnut Media

we use walnut media for jewellry making designs


Ceramic Media

we use ceramic media for manufacturing jewellery equipments.