Wire Drawing Machines

Hand Powered Single Pass Wire Drawing Machine

These are highly recognized for it’s solidly constructed, easily operation and dimensionally accurate. We have large warehouse where these products are stored safely.


Electric Single Pass Wire Drawing Machine

Available in R/F and single side as well, our Wire Draw Machines are unmatched in quality. These machines used in metal alloys, ferrous and non-ferrous metals to draw fine and intermediate. Installed with cone rings, adjustable exit die holders, lubricant cooling systems and die holders, these machines are suited for high speed drawing. Standard models of these machines are available with us.

Electric Six Pass Wire Drawing Machine

This is an ideal geared type motorized six pass wire drawing Machine designed for gold and silver wire drawing for goldsmiths and gold chain manufacturers ,along with arrangement to hold six wire drawing dies at one time. We take into account that diverse needs and requirements of our clients and offers these products accordingly.


Threading Machine

Threading is the process of creating a screw thread. More screw threads are produced each year than any other machine element.


Wire Drawing Dies

Unique features of ND wire drawing dies Able to produce the best wire surface finish among all types of dies. Lowest die pull and friction. Small die...


Compact Watch Case Opener

Handy little tool for opening screw back watches. Very convenient with its compact size, easy to carry in your pocket. Screw size adjusting for different size watches.


Watch Case Opener for Gucci Type Watches

We are the manufacturer of Watch Case Opener for Gucci Type Watches


Watch Case Opener Knife

we are the manufacturer of watch case opener knife

Watch Bracelet Holder

This watch band and bracelet holder is great for helping you make adjustments to heavier watch bands. Made of a high-impact plastic, with large slots throughout to accommodate larger watches, this holder makes removing links and pins from watch bands a breeze.


Spring Bar and Lug Remover Tool

JS - 410 t

This tool is used in removing watch straps as in leather rubber and stainless steel bracelets.
The tool compresses the spring bar for removal from watch casement arms then reverse to replace the new bracelet band or watch strap.


Spring Bar Link Remover Tool

For easy fitting and removing spring bars from watch straps and bands - One end has a large fork strap removing tool - Other end is reversible with a small fork and point for pin removal - Heavy hurl handle for a sure grip - Large Fork end for spring bar removal from strap - Small fork end for removing lug spring bars from backside of metal band - Point for pin removal


Spring Bar Tool with Fine Size Forks

This is a quality tool that has all the characteristics of it's more expensive counter parts. 

  •   Pins and Fork included
  •   Removes pins from 0.8mm
  •   1mm Forked end
  •   Black Ionized fittings


Spring Bar Gauge

Made of stainless steel and permanently embossed lines and numbers, one side measures in millimeters, the other in inches.


Triangle Watch Parts Tray

Useful 3.25" inch triangular tray for scooping, counting and putting beads and other small objects into containers. Perfect for small watch parts when disassembling and repairing watches. You will find many uses for this type of tray. Sides are slanted for ease of use, counting parts, and trays nest together for storage.


Plastic Tweezer for Watchmakers

These plastic tweezers a nice fit at 4.75" inches and handle well. The spring back touch and flat tips make it ideal for button battery pickup. They are impervious to acid, which means it can be used for pickling; they are non-magnetic and non-conductive, which means your small metal watch parts will not stick to the tweezers while you are handling them. 


Watch Glasses

We supply Wide Range of Mineral Watch Glasses with following basic variants:

  • Flat/Domed Mineral Watch Glasses
  • Flat/Domed Printed Mineral Watch Glasses

These Watch Glasses are available with us in all standard sizes. Besides, we can supply customized sizes and shapes as well. I.e. Suare, Rectangle, Oval, Hexagonal, etc.


Wire Flattening Machine

Our clients can avail from us superior quality wire flattening machine, which is extensively used for flattening the various types of wires. These machines are manufactured using sophisticated technology and skilled workers to meet varied demands of industry. Besides, our quality controllers make sure that these machines are up to the marks in order to carry out various functions as it increases the durability and compatibility. Our clients can avail these machines in various shapes and designs at the reasonable prices.
Some of its features:

  •   Durable
  •   Easy to handle
  •   Cost effective
  •   Reliable


Wire Rolling Machine   

We are one of the reputed manufacturers and exporters from India in manufacturing the wire rolling machines. These machines have been fabricated and designed by our experts using latest technology and quality raw materials at international levels. This is used in manufacturing the wires, Heavy duty sheet and jalaja rolling machines. The thicknesses of the sheet are controlled during the rolling process at operations through electronic circuits. We provide with the manuals of machines to the clients in terms of their uses.
Some of its features are:

  •   High efficiency
  •   Simple
  •   Strong body
  •   Low power consumption
  •   Wide range